Top 10 Samurai Tennis

2 373 491


2.  Blargarg 1 765 715
3.  Blargarg 1 644 452
4.  myrrrr 1 619 694
5.  Toshiro 1 576 106
6.  Toriko 1 524 835
7.  Toshiro 1 486 838
8.  myrrrr 1 472 013
9.  Zappo 1 462 700
10.  Toshiro 1 461 424

Help the Tennis-Samurai to thwart the warlord opression!

Beat the ball onto the wall to gain points and if you don't hit the ground while doing so, you gain multipliers. When you get enough multiplier to satisfy the firegod, you gain a fireball that pushes the tower back. Practical, as you mustn't let the tower pass the finishline, take heed though as the firegods reqire a greater multiplier-sacrifice for each fireball (in return, the larger the requirement, the stronger the ball).
For each time you hit the wall, the sumo (large japanese wrestling-guy) who is pushing the tower will grow larger, and push harder.
Hit the warlord to grain precious seconds, as the sumo becomes sad, and a larger basescore (scores are calculated by: basescore x multiplier = the points you get for the hit!). Have fun!

Game by: Blast and Terrordata

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