Playing mini games is not only a fun way to spend your time, you gain experience and grinnies as well! And depending on your score, and your current energy, you have a good chance of gaining new cool items for your Argblarg.

Master Soup

Sensei Ryo Itamae needs help feeding the students in his ninja school. So get to business and maybe he'll teach you his secret recipe some day.

Current highscore holder:
49 187
Game has been played 18693 times.


A precious liquid has been stolen by an evil scientist. Solve the puzzles and save the liquid to restore peace and prosperity to all mankind!

Current highscore holder:
8 604 692
Game has been played 65543 times.


Blow things up!

Current highscore holder:
289 642
Game has been played 30341 times.

Wet Dreams

Wetty wants you to water the plants!

Game by: Blast and Terrordata

Current highscore holder:
17 684 310
Game has been played 14927 times.


Click and drag!

Current highscore holder:
1 250 570
Game has been played 65916 times.

Samurai Tennis

Stop those sumos!

Game by: Blast and Terrordata

Current highscore holder:
2 373 491
Game has been played 20627 times.

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