Exploring is one of the most important things you can do. Although most of the content here is available through the menu, some places are only accessible from this map. Keep your eyes sharp and you might find hidden items, dangerous bosses and other fun stuff.
Enter the prestigious arena and prove your worth in battle against other Argblargs.
Slaggathor the merchant runs a small store in this gigantic walking building. Enter to buy new cool items,or sell the ones you don’t need anymore.
Who's the best at Master Soup? Who's the richest Argblarg of them all? Get all your answers at the House of Statistics.
One of the biggest past times in Arglia is competing in the various ladders. Climb the ladder and try it out yourself!
This is your Argblargs lair. Your lair hosts everything that has to do with your Argblarg, you can edit its appearance, sort out your friends, etc.
Climb the ancient mountain where Sensei Ryo Itamae resides and help feed the students in his ninja school.
Enter the Casino to play a number of different mini games. Doing so will reward you with experience, grinnies and an occasional item or two.

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