is the result of a 15 week long project for the final course at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

We want to take online webgaming to a new level by introducing unique ways to create characters, the interaction between players and the progression a character makes. One of our many goals is to keep the game simple enough for a new player and advanced enough for seasoned veterans.

ftl. Emanuel, Thorleif, Jonas, Martin, Anders, Andreas

Anders Falk

Illustrations & Gamedesign

My Argblarg: AwsimO

Andreas Wiklands

Illustrations, Animations & Gamedesign

My Argblarg: Ichabod

Emanuel Nilsson

Web Programming, Webdesign & Database Administrator

My Argblarg: Angeline

Jonas Åkerlund

Illustrations, Webdesign & Copywriter

My Argblarg: Partyboy

Martin Jonasson

Flash Programming, Web Programming & Gamedesign

My Argblarg: awesomeman

Thorleif Johansson

Web Programming & Database Administrator

My Argblarg: Crenshaw

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