Argblargs is a web based multiplayer game where you create your own character and explore the world of Arglia! Play mini games to gain experience and find tons of new cool items!

Customize your characters appearance as you see fit and constantly become stronger as you level up. Challenge friends and other players and make your way to the top.

Argblargs is all about you and your avatar! Chat with friends, acquire sweet pets or simply just enjoy yourself and have fun, that’s what we do!

See you inside!
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2007-08-11 - Taking over the world.
In this day and age everything is global, but we can't help but being amazed at the fact that we actually managed to get a review in an ukranian magazine, and a great at that!
Great big thanks goes out to Mirikamoari who made it all possible!
Larger scans here and here.

2007-06-04 - Important stuff
First of all, we're very excited to tell you that won two awards at an exhibition event held at BTH in sweden last week.

Secondly, we held a meeting tonight discussing the future of argblargs, and I have to tell you we're really excited to bring alot of new features, like guestbooks, groups, and other fun community stuff, to the table very soon! So please stay tuned, its going to be awesome!

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